Kenya Safaris

Few places provide the extraordinary opportunity to view wildlife in its natural habitat. East Africa’s reputation as the quintessential safari destination is well deserved. This is a region of dramatic contrasts and extraordinary wildlife on display in uncrowded landscapes of great beauty and variety. Kenya offers a wide range of travel choices; from scenic tours,… Continue reading Kenya Safaris

The Big Five

The Big Five were named such, because they used to be the hardest animals in Africa to hunt. However, hunting any of these endangered species now is illegal. The term Big Five is no longer associated with hunting the animals, but spotting of them while on safari. Going on safaris in National Parks and Reserves… Continue reading The Big Five

Top 5 Countries for Safari in Africa

When you hear the name “Safari” what comes to your mind? Safari is a Swahili name that means an adventurous journey in the wilderness. An African Wildlife safari is a dream for many people. When you take a safari to Africa, you get a chance to experience great wildlife in its natural habitat. So, are… Continue reading Top 5 Countries for Safari in Africa

Top 5 Safari Destinations in Africa

Africa is beautiful and it is full of nature and wildlife. That is why many people dream of going on safari in Africa. There are many National Parks and game reserves packed with thousands of species to see and experience. In addition, Africa offers the best terrain, weather, and environment for adventure. So, do you… Continue reading Top 5 Safari Destinations in Africa