What Should You Buy When On Safari Kenya Africa?

A safari to Kenya takes you to another world, a space where there are beautiful sights, fantastic birdlife, and untamed game animals. It is the best safari destination, and you can expect to create memories with your family, friends, better half, or by yourself. As much as you have your camera to capture these moments, there are several must-buy products on a safari Kenya Africa tour. They include:

1. Coffee

Have you ever tasted Kenyan coffee? The country is the largest coffee producer in the East African Region. The coffee is sourced from local farmers and grounded to ensure it preserves its natural taste and color. You’ll find a variety of good coffee in the various shops and malls. Even on a business trip, ensure you buy and take some Kenyan coffee home.

safari kenya africa

2. Maasai Beads

Another great way to remind yourself of the tremendous Kenyan experience is to get the Maasai beads. These handmade beads are of significant importance to the Maasai community. Several Maasai markets are available where you can find these jewelry pieces crafted with love. You can also request one with your name or initials and choose your preferred bead patterns.

3. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are natural to-go snacks you can enjoy at work, home, or deep in the savannah wilderness. These nuts have great taste and excellent nutritional value. You can easily find them in various Kenyan stores alongside dates, groundnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachio.

4. Local wood carvings

You’ll love the locals’ artwork showcasing their skills through the wood carvings they make. Various wood carvings are available, such as the ebony carvings by the Akamba community and soapstone carvings.

You might have seen soapstone carvings that take on different animal shapes and sizes. Getting the right souvenirs can help transform your living space back at home.

5. Kitengela Glass

The Kitengela Glass is a recycled glass hand blown and turned into decorative jewelry, stained window glasses, and other decorative home accessories. Most of this work is the product of the various talented disabled locals who earn a living from these objects. They display their work, and you can’t miss a couple that will add more character to your home.

6. Maasai Blankets

These blankets are soft wool or cotton products and are the ideal companion during cold weather. Most of the available options have a dyed-red color. However, other colors are available, and it is best to get one from the local Maasai community during your cultural visit to their villages.

safari kenya africa

7. Maasai Shields

The shields are also native to the Maasai community and made from cured hide. These shields are symbols of true warriors, and getting one proves to be an ideal confidence booster.

The Bottom Line

A safari Kenya Africa is unique and introduces a culturally diverse country. This presents an opportunity to experience Kenyan locals’ unique cultural artifacts that will remind you of your magical safari. Above are some things you should buy as you explore the wild Kenyan savannah.