Top 5 Countries for a Safari in Africa. Discover more

When you hear the name “Safari” what comes to your mind? Safari is a Swahili name that means an adventurous journey in the wilderness. An African Wildlife safari is a dream for many people. When you take a safari in Africa, you get a chance to experience great wildlife in its natural habitat.

So, are you wondering which country you should pick for your safari? In this article, we are going to cover the top 5 countries for a safari in Africa.

1. Kenya

safari in africa lion images

Kenya is Africa’s best safari destination. It has held the record for many years and I am sure you have heard of it. Kenya is a beautiful country located exactly at the equator. A fact is that the Equator divides Kenya into two equal parts.

Kenya is full of natural beauty from vegetation to wildlife. Here, you will find up to 25 National Parks. Additionally, there are more than 15 national reserves, marine reserves, and parks. With the country having more than 380 species of mammals, there is more than enough to see.

Do not forget that Kenya has over 280 reptile animals to see, 1100+ bird species, over 20 carnivore species, and up to 110 amphibians. For this country, the list is endless.

Best destinations in Kenya include the famous Maasai Mara. It is well-known for the great animal migration where over 2 million Wildebeests, Zebra, and Gazelles cross from neighboring Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya in search of pasture.

Additionally, Kenya’s Amboseli national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is where you find the largest elephants in Africa. You see why a Kenya safari will have more than enough to offer. You will find the Big 5 in all National parks.

2. Botswana

It is yet another interesting country when it comes to a wildlife safari. Although Botswana has had a challenge with pouching for some time, they have been able to intensify their efforts to conserve wildlife.

Botswana is one of the hottest tourism destinations you will find in Africa. However, there are great National Parks packed with all the great wild animals. At Chobe National Park, Moremi Nature Reserve, Markgadikgadi Pans National Park, you will enjoy high numbers of the Big 5.

3. Malawi

Malawi is the third-best country to visit for great Safari experiences in Africa. It is a country packed with a variety of wildlife to watch and it has amazing sceneries to enjoy on the way.

What you will find in this country is over 200 species of mammals including big cats, monkeys, hippos, and elephants. You will also find more than 650 bird species.

For this third best country for a safari in Africa, you will find several national parks such as Nyika, Liwonde, Kasungu, and Lengwe. There are also many wildlife reserves with main ones including Mwabvi, Vwaza Marsh, Majete, and Nkhotakota. Good enough is that the country has great biosphere reserves.

4. Tanzania

If you have heard of Tanzania, you may have heard of the Serengeti National Parks. Tanzania is one of the best destinations in Africa. It is a country with 16 national parks, 2 marine, and 3 wildlife reserves.

Tanzania’s Serengeti is also known as one of the parks that host the popular Wildebeest migration. This is because the animals migrate between Tanzania’s Serengeti National park and Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Tanzania is also home to the highest mountain in Africa which is Mt. Kilimanjaro. Another amazing destination in Tanzania is the Ngorongoro Crater which is also a World Heritage site according to UNESCO.

5. Rwanda

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Although Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa, it has amazing wildlife and a natural environment to offer incredible safari experiences. Rwanda has several national parks where you can easily see the Big 5.

However, what makes Rwanda popular is the Mountain Gorillas. Yes, there are very few mountain gorillas left in the world, and you will find some in Rwanda and others in Uganda. So, if you dream of seeing the Mountain Gorillas up-close, then Rwanda is the place to go.