Step by Step Guide to Book And Go On Private Safari Kenya

A Kenyan safari is what you need to take a break from everything and interact with the untamed game animals of Africa. Going on a private safari in Kenya is the best way to get the most out of each moment. These private safari Kenya tours are the only options that give you the ultimate freedom to customize the tour according to your preferences and many other luxuries, such as getting your guide. Therefore, if you wish to go where you wish, with whom you want at your convenience, here is how to book and go on a private safari Kenya adventure.

1. Do Your Research

Kenya is the number one safari destination in the world, and you can expect to find a variety of exciting attraction spots, from national parks to the great rift valley. Therefore, step number one is to research the available options and determine if they are your ideal places to visit. Research also involves reading reviews to get authentic testimonies of what to expect.

This process unveils a lot you didn’t know or consider as you plan your private safari visit. For instance, you’ll learn about the vaccinations you are to get before boarding the plane to Kenya. These vaccinations include yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, etc.

private safari kenya

Take this time to consider all aspects of a Kenyan safari, and you’ll find the private options are the best. In addition, the research gives you a better idea of what to expect in the wild Kenyan savannah grasslands.

2. Choose Your Preferred Destinations

There are many attraction sites in Kenya, and each presents a different and unique safari experience. You will find a vast portfolio of special places such as national parks, amazing landscapes, lakes, the Great Rift Valley, etc. Review these destinations and pick those you prefer or host animals you wish to watch.

For instance, the Masai Mara is a common destination for tourists wanting to see the Great Migration. This event occurs yearly as many wildebeests migrate from Serengeti to the Masai Mara. So if you’re going to see the wild encounters between these beasts and the wild cats, the Masai Mara is the place to be.

If you want to go on a less intense tour with your kids, the Amboseli National park is an excellent option. You’ll enjoy the fantastic views of the neighboring Mount Kilimanjaro as you interact with the elephant herds.

Kenya is full of fantastic tour options, such as Lake Nakuru ideal for bird watching. In addition, some destinations offer exclusive wildlife experiences, such as Buffalo Springs, where you’ll get special coverage of one of the Big Five animals.

The list goes on and on. Pro Tip: choose the exclusive attraction sites if you want a more fulfilling Kenyan safari.

3. Set Your Budget

Next is to get your finances in order and clearly state how much you wish to spend. The best strategy is to set the budget per person.

Before we look at the budget per person you should expect to pay, various factors determine these prices. For instance, if you choose to visit during the peak season, you should expect to spend more since accommodation prices rise by up to 150%. Other factors to consider are accommodation standards, food, and drinks, types of day tours, preferred destination sites, etc.

private safari kenya

The good news is that there are various packages to consider, and the private options tend to be the most expensive. These customizable options vary between $1,000 to $2,500 per person; packages vary and can go to over $4,500 per person. However, the prices can go down if you consider a private tour for your family or group.

Also, determine how many days you are willing to spend in the Kenyan savannah. Most package options set their prices based on the days you are to pay and the destination, for example, a 7-day bush to beach safari.

4. Pick A Tour Company

After you set your budget, you’ll love how easy it is to pick a private tour company from the comprehensive list. Almost all the available tour companies offer 5-star services, from tour guides to accommodation and meals.

Suppose you are unsure where to begin when choosing a company; search for the best private safari Kenya tour companies. Open their official websites and examine their services. Don’t forget to check on the drivers’ and tour guides’ profiles. Once you choose your best picks, go further and read some of the tourist reviews about them.

This will help you narrow down your list to two or three companies. Next is to contact them, primarily via email, and describe how you wish to plan your tours. A good tour company responds fast, considers all your demands as they design the best term, and gives suggestions on other possible combinations and services that you might find interesting.

Inquire on other essential factors such as the accommodation options in the various destinations. For example, most offer luxurious lodges and camps that include full meals and refreshments.

The process can take a while to finalize, especially for new visitors. Therefore, it is best to keep researching and understand better the other suggestions from the tour company. Once everything’s done, you should have a clear plan from entering Kenya to the departure date.

5. Go On Your Private Safari Kenya

All remaining is for you to board the next plane to Magical Kenya. Once you land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be received by representatives from the chosen tour company. You will then take a flight, a 4×4 tour vehicle, or a bus to your hotel or camp. Once you check in, you can decide to rest or rest as you wait for the next day’s adventures.

The good thing about a private tour is that the tour company relies on your preferences. That said, you enjoy the option of going off-route in the national reserves or staying at a particular spot for longer. The good thing is that you’ll have tour guides who advise you and help you make informed decisions.

The Bottom Line

Explore the best destinations in the world’s leading safari destination by taking a private safari Kenya tour. These options tend to be slightly costly but are worth every penny. One of the main reasons why you should go private is the whole journey gets tailored to match your safari demands. Therefore, use this step-by-step guide to help you get the best safari deals and services to your preferred destinations.