Kenya Vs. Tanzania Safari. Which Should You Go for?

Eastern Africa is the best place for game and nature viewing, and almost all destinations are in Kenya and Tanzania. You will never lose, whichever you choose; however, each country offers an incredible, different, and unique safari from the other. If you’re torn between a Kenya vs. Tanzania safari, here’s the best country for you:

  • Wildlife

There’s not much difference between Kenya and Tanzania regarding game viewing. Both countries consist of the savannah grasslands, home to the Big Five, wild cats, and a variety of herd and prey animals.

kenya vs tanzania safari

However, there are slight differences, such as Tanzania hosts bigger beasts and prey animals, and the game parks are larger. On the other hand, Kenyan parks are compact, with less distance between them.

  • The Wildebeest Migration

The Great Migration happens between the two countries as millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles. This event starts in Serengeti, Tanzania, from July to August, as the animals proceed to the Masai Mara, Kenya, for the remaining months.

Most of the migration happens in Tanzania; however, the most captivating and wild river-crossing scenes happen in Kenya. This is why you’ll find colossal tourist traffic in Kenya during migration.

  • Coastal Region and Beaches

The best way to complete your African safari adventure is to take a swim and rest on the white sandy beaches. Both countries share the eastern coastal border line of the Indian Ocean; each has an incredible portfolio of beautiful beaches.

kenya vs tanzania safari

For instance, Kenya offers the best experiences in the Mombasa, Diani, Watamu, Malindi, and Watamu areas. Tanzania, on the other hand, presents an array of incredible beaches around Tanga and Pangani.

Kenya goes further and offers more vibrant tourist attractions that complement the safaris. You’ll find different and unique places, such as the Nairobi National Park (a national park in the city), the giraffe center, and the Sheldrick elephant orphanage.

  • Costs and Budget

When we compare the average cost per person for similar safari packages, there is a slight difference between the two countries; Tanzanian packages are slightly higher. Therefore, a Kenyan safari is the best option if you work with a tight budget.

Also, Kenya offers more options when it comes to accommodation and travel. This means that you are more likely to find cheaper services. For example, Tanzania safaris can be expensive, especially when visiting special reserves such as the Ruaha, Mahale, and Nyerere.

  • Time To Visit

Kenya and Tanzania share almost everything in wildlife, and the best time to visit is the same. The peak safari season starts in late June to October. These are the days characterized by good weather and conditions for game viewing.

If you love bird watching, the ideal time to visit is between November and May. These are the months when you’ll get the best views of the flamingos at Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Unfortunately, this is the rainy weather season, and the roads can be tricky to navigate.

Final Verdict

Kenya vs Tanzania safari, which is better? Why choose when you can get the best of both worlds? Kenya is the number one destination for anyone looking to get the natural feeling of the Great Migration, visit various parks quickly and conveniently, visit other attraction sites and enjoy affordable safari options.

On the other hand, Tanzania is for anyone looking for extensive wildlife coverage, views of Africa’s tallest mountain, the origin of the Wildebeest migration, and deep, dark rainforests. Combining all these options and getting a safari of your life at these exceptional destinations is possible. There are Kenya and Tanzania combo tour packages that will make these wildest dreams come true.