Here Are 5 Mind-Blowing Things That Make The Best Safari Kenya Experience

There’s no other place where you’ll get an incredible safari adventure than at the world’s leading safari destination. Kenya is home to some intense national parks and game reserves. Therefore, you are guaranteed a unique and memorable tour. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to turn these special events into mind-blowing moments, and here are the best safari Kenya tips to use:

1. Take A Hot Air Balloon

As much as the 4×4 tour trucks will take you to see the great wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara, you can’t compare that to the comprehensive aerial views from a hot air balloon. These balloons make it possible to fly over any place, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a clear view of some of the most dangerous and wild encounters.

best safari kenya

You can also take a hot air balloon ride in the morning and behold the fantastic sunrise; once it lifts off, watch how the plains silently drift as the sun rises.

2. Visit the Maasai Villages

A Kenyan safari is never complete until you interact with the Maasai community. This gives you a chance to get off the safari truck and experience a new way of life. You’ll be amazed at how friendly the locals are and their willingness to showcase their rich culture and traditions. Furthermore, many cultural artifacts are available; don’t forget to get one as a souvenir.

3. Try A Horseback Safari

Most tourists aren’t aware of the horseback safari offered at some attraction sites. These trips provide a gentle and relaxing way to interact with the zebras, giraffes, and other herbivores that don’t consider horses threats. You can also combine horseback rides with walking safaris to spice up your best safari Kenya. Moreover, this will be a tour guide to help you get the most out of them.

It is important to note that these horseback safaris are only available on private ranches and reserves. These areas have no wild cats and other beasts, making them safer than the national parks.

4. Camp Under the Stars

A Kenyan safari presents the unique opportunity of trying something different, and one way is to spend the night under the stars. Sleeping in the wild while staring at the stars is a luxury not many get. In Kenya, you’ll find various family-friendly camps and lodges where you can share peaceful nights with your kids. The following day you’ll wake up to the fresh smell of wood and nature.

5. Get On a Camel

It’s time to take the road less traveled, ditch the 4×4 safari truck, and ride on a camel’s back. You’ll never get a better view of a giraffe chewing on fresh leaves than sitting on top of a camel. There are Kenyan communities that use camels as a mode of transportation. These gentle animals are tall, almost giving an aerial view of the action. Camels are gentle and peaceful, and they will provide you with a smooth ride.


Kenya is undoubtedly the best destination for an African safari. You can create long-lasting memories by taking advantage of the various activities available. For example, the hot air balloon ride will give you a bird’s eye view of the country, while horseback safaris and camel rides provide a new way to explore. And don’t forget to interact with the friendly Maasai community and spend a night under the stars; these are the best safari Kenya experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the world!