What to Expect When On Safari Kenya?

Safari Kenya is number one destination in the world, and you should expect a wild experience like no other. Kenya is the place to be if you want to get the authentic African experience. There’s more than wild safari adventures, as the country hosts a wide variety of beautiful sceneries, the Great Rift Valley, and many other attraction sites. As much as all these options offer an exciting wilderness experience, key aspects make a Kenyan safari unique, intriguing, and worth the adventure. Here’s what to expect when on a Safari in Kenya.

1. Untamed Game Animals viewing

The Kenyan safari tours will take you deep into the wilderness and the natural habitats of untamed wild animals. Your 4×4 safari truck driver and experienced tour guides will take you where all the action is.

You’ll interact with the Big Five Animals in their natural habitats. The Big Five animals, consisting of the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino, are the pride of Africa, and you can interact with them in the Kenyan Savannah Grasslands.

There are many game parks, reserves, animal orphanages, and sanctuaries, and they all offer unique game viewing.

2. Beach Safaris

After an intriguing afternoon watching the untamed side of the African beasts, the best place to relax is on the white sandy coastal beaches. The advantage of a beach safari is that it is close to the national parks and won’t take long to enjoy the cool breeze.

The Kenyan coastal line is also characterized by coral reefs where you can take pictures. In addition, the clear Indian Ocean waters are perfect for swimming and cooling off. Some available top-tier beach destinations to look out for are the Mombasa, Diani, Malindi, and Lamu beaches.

3. Safari Kenya Bird Watching

safari kenya ostrich

A Kenyan safari offers bird-watching opportunities where you can get unique views of the over 1,000 bird species in the country. You can combine your wild safari adventures with bird-watching sessions at Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya, Aberdare Ranges, and many other attraction spots.

4. Exciting Mountain Climbing

Kenya has a jam-packed schedule for you if you’re an outdoor guy. There are many exciting landscapes to explore, such as Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Kenya. You’ll also get other challenging climbing points, such as Mt Longonot in the Great Rift Valley. Once you get to the top issues, you’ll behold the fantastic views. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture these special memories.

There is also the option for a walking safari and interaction with nature. These walks are also ideal for bird watching. Walking safaris, and all other safari Kenya options, are under the supervision of well-trained guides who guarantee a unique adventure.

5. Hot Air Balloon Services

Have you ever heard of the Great Migration? It is a once-a-year event in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Millions of wildebeests, accompanied by zebras and gazelles, move to the Kenyan savannah. The migration is spectacular and one of the world’s eight wonders.

During this time, wild cats, crocodiles, and other carnivores are active. You can catch most of the action from your 4×4 safari truck, but nothing beats the view of a Hot Air Balloon.

These balloons take you where the trucks won’t. Furthermore, you can get close to the action without putting yourself at risk. The views are spectacular, and each photo you capture from the aerial position is impressive.

Apart from wildlife, the hot air balloons will allow you to explore the fantastic Kenyan landscapes. Most of these sessions begin before sunrise, allowing you to watch how the sun gradually rises and radiates its rays to every corner. That’s when you’ll get magical Kenya feels.

Most hot air balloon tours offer breakfast and other refreshments, such as champagne. Kenya is one of the few places you’ll enjoy breakfast in the open air.

6. Safari Kenya Riding Safaris

A Kenyan safari is full of fun activities, such as the horse riding safari. Some tour packages offer horse riding alongside the wildebeest migration. The adventure allows you to ride past the wildebeest herds.

This is just but an example of the available horse-riding safari options. There are many other game-viewing and attraction sites to enjoy this unique experience, such as the Mara Plains and Chyulu Hills.

All the horse-riding safari options are available in safe safari spaces. This means you won’t encounter wild cats or dangerous beasts during your ride. Some of the safest options are those offered by sanctuaries.

7. Diverse Cultural Visits

You’ll be amazed and intrigued by the Kenyan communities still preserving their traditional ways of life. The sole purpose of going on a Safari Kenya is wild game viewing; however, if you want to know what it feels like to be an African, interact with the local communities.

Most tour companies offer packages that include visits to the Masai, Samburu, and other ethnic communities. You’ll enjoy the experience, from the colorful welcoming to the cultural practices showcased. It is unimaginable how the communities still preserve their heritage. So don’t forget to get some cultural artifacts as souvenirs for your magical time on a safari Kenya.

8. Scuba Diving Adventures

Here’s an activity most tourists on a Kenyan safari aren’t aware of. The Kenyan coast features coral reefs that support diverse sea life. Some places to consider going for scuba diving are the Watamu, Mombasa, and Kisite marine parks. There is amazing marine life at these spots, consisting of your favorite sea animals, from crabs to big whale sharks.

In addition, Diani Beach is among the best places in the world, ideal for post-dive activities. Diving schools are available if you have no experience or wish to try something new.

9. Fishing

Deep sea fishing is an activity to try all year. So, tag your family along and take on a different collective and fun activity. Some of the catches to expect are marlin, sailfish, tuna, kingfish, and sharks.

If you choose to visit Mtwapa Creek, you might get lucky and be part of the fishing sports that take place yearly. The event brings anglers from around the world who come in search of the elusive “Grander.” The elusive “Grander” is a 1,000-pound marlin that is hard to catch.

While searching for the elusive Grander, you might get lucky and make unique catches of the Dorado, Barracuda, and Kingfish.

10. Luxurious Lodges and Campsites

During your safari adventures, you must get a good night’s sleep, and there’s a fantastic collection of top-quality accommodation services in Kenya. In addition, most lodges are located next to the parks, making game viewing convenient.

The safari available safari camps are a popular option for many. They come in various shapes, sizes, and combos. It is common to find one that includes both tents, grass-roofed rooms, etc. In addition, many other resorts and beach hotels offer five-star services.

The Bottom Line

There is a reason why Kenya is the number one safari destination in the world. The country is home to feral African beasts, including the Big Five. But, apart from the wild game animals, there’s a lot to discover, and this review highlights some exciting safari activities to expect on your magical Kenya tour.