Stone architecture, deep sea fishing excursions, the Palace Museum, the House of Wonders, and fabulous food. On this island, every section has its own scent. It’s Zanzibar!
Zanzibar has something for everyone, whether it is snorkeling or going to the Palace Museum to learn about the sultans. You’ll discover the tombs of several sultans in front of the Palace Museum in Stone Town. This includes a double tomb for a certain sultan’s legs, which were amputated so his legs were buried first. Then when the sultan died years later, the rest was buried in the second tomb.

There are bookshops and coffee shops that abound in this region. Where else in the world can you go to the beautiful beaches, buy great souvenirs, learn about spices and coffee…oh and swim with the dolphins? Zanzibar is as fun to say as it is to visit!


Zanzibar Island Tour

4 Days Trip

Ultra-Luxury 4 Day Zanzibar Safari

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